Summer Reading Club

Reach for the StarsThe Reading Duckling Summer Reading Club is a pledge-based reading incentive program. Our goal is to develop and reinforce a regular reading habit. Children of all ages can participate!

Our program runs for 6 weeks starting Monday June 27th through Friday August 5th. You may join anytime even after the start date, and you are eligible for prizes as long as you have completed reading requirements.

Usborne will match 50% of all collected pledges! You can choose to keep 150% of collected pledges for books for your child, or keep 100% of pledges, and donate 50% to a school or teacher of your choice! If you don’t have a school to donate to, I will be glad to help you donate the books to the Steinmetz Boys and Girls Club in Schenectady NY.

Reading Requirements:

600 minutes over 6 weeks (or 20 minutes per day, every weekday)


20 books over 6 weeks

Prizes Breakdown:

150 minutes or 5 books – FREE BOOKMARK

300 minutes or 10 books – $4 in Frozen Yogurt from Sweet Frog

450 minutes or 15 books – Non-fiction Book or $5 Usborne Credit

600 minutes or 20 books – Fiction Book or $5 Usborne Credit

Our suggestion is to collect $1 per minute in pledges. However, collection of pledges if NOT required to participate in the program. You can simply join the club, read books, and collect prizes!

Also join our “members only” Facebook group to get reading tips and encouragement throughout the program!

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