Cards for a Cause

All 4 boxes CFACLooking for a simple fundraiser for your school, library, non-profit organization? Cards for a Cause Fundraisers offers a simple opportunity to raise money for your organization. Our boxes of cards are the highest quality and such an amazing value – they practically sell themselves. There are 30 cards per box, so each card is only $1, and you get to keep the beautiful magnetic closure box as a organizer and keepsake storage!

How much profit will our organization make?

Your organization will receive $13 per box of cards sold (at $30 a box). If you have 10 sellers, and each seller sold 10 boxes for a total of 100 boxes. You would have raised $1300 for your organization! The minimum is 15 boxes sold, and there is no maximum!

How long should the sale last?

This will depend on your organization, but we recommend approximately two weeks. The timing may vary if you have on-site sales or specific events the fundraiser is linked to.

How long will it take for our order to be delivered?

Please allow 10-12 business days after your order has been submitted for delivery.

Contact me today to request sample cards!

Example video of our Thanks and Blanks box:


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