Author Visit: Susanne Gervay

susanne gervayInternationally Acclaimed Author Susanne Gervay from Australia coming visit kids in Albany, NY in October 2015! Susanne is a dynamic speaker and presenter. She will be visiting local schools and libraries Oct. 19th through Oct. 30th. See below for her tour schedule! Is your child’s school on the list? If not, you can still hear her speak for free at a local library. See schedule below for details.

I Am Jack Series:

In the words of Susanne Gervay, “Who can believe that the I Am Jack books started because my son was bullied at school? After my son won against school bullying, I asked him if it was all right to write I Am Jack. ‘Write it Mum. For other kids who get bullied, for kids who bully, for parents and teachers and everyone – so it doesn’t happen.’ In the four I Am Jack books, you’ll find stories that are real, engage and make life better.” All books in this series are suitable for ages 9 and up.

See I Am Jack Series Intro Sheet

“Susanne Gervay’s I AM JACK is a significant resource for parents, students and teachers. School bullying can have a devastating effect on a child and the school community. It can happen to anyone. Through story journey I AM JACK emotionally engages the bullied, bully, other children, teachers, parents exploring ways to create a safer place.” – The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Each book in the I Am Jack Series is priced at $5.99, all 4 books comes in a collection priced at $19.99. It is highly recommended to encourage your child to read one or more books in the series to get familiar enough to ask questions and derive the most meaning from the author visit.


butterflies susanne gervayIn addition to the I Am Jack series, Susanne also authored Butterflies, for ages 11 and up. An extraordinary story of a journey where pain and trauma become triumph and a passion for living, Butterflies is a coming of age story that celebrates the fighter in all of us.

“Suzanne, before reading butterflies i thought the only way to be pretty was to be perfect, the hair the face the looks, but it’s not true, i read butterflies in 3 days, i couldn’t put it down, it made me really feel good about myself, and think about what it would be like if i was katherine, she went through a lot and knew in the end that if she didn’t turn out perfect, it didn’t matter, she learnt to be grateful to be alive and live with her burns. It’s was one of the best books i have ever read, thank you for giving me a masterpiece to read.”

– Mikaela H

Butterflies is priced at $4.99. And can also be purchased through through our secure online store.

If your child attends one of the schools on the tour schedule, please contact your school regarding ordering instructions.

Live locally, but don’t attend one of these schools? You can still read with your child and attend a FREE library event to meet the author! You may request books through your local library or purchase your own copy through our secure online store.

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Tour Schedule:

Monday 10/19th – Iroquois Middle School, including evening event at 7pm (online book orders)
Tuesday 10/20th – Woodland Hill Montessori (online book orders)
Wednesday 10/21st – Wood Road Elementary School
Thursday 10/22nd – Milton Terrace Elementary School
Thursday 10/22nd 6:30pm William K. Sanford Library (online book orders)
Friday 10/23rd – Schuylerville Elementary School/Schuylerville Public Library
Sunday 10/25th – 2:00pm Saratoga Public Library
Monday 10/26 – Warrensburg Elementary School
Monday 10/26 – 6:30pm Corinth Free Library
Tuesday 10/27th – Malta Ave. Elementary School
Wednesday 10/28th – Saratoga Independent School (Morning)
Wednesday 10/28th – Malta Montessori (Afternoon)
Thursday 10/29th – Queensbury Elementary school

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making Susanne’s visit possible!

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